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Developers, Lawyers, Students, Content Writers, Designers, Enthusiasts, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Translators and Anyone can start contributing to the Crypto / Blockchain ecosystem..

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Creating a “Contributor’s Guide” is the smartest way to ship your crypto project.

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What are the benefits of contributing?

Contributing is a win-win learning experience that can increase your knowledge, help your career, and positively impact other people’s lives as well as your own. Your contributions support the Crypto/Blockchain industry, promote a decentralized future, may lead to new friendships or connections, and some contributions might even result in pay.

Who can contribute?

Anyone can contribute. Crypto industry can benefit from the contributions of people in various industries and situations, including but not limited to students, designers, translators, lawyers, accountants, scientists, mathematicians, developers, and so much more! Realistically, Crypto industry needs contributions from everyone, and the more perspectives that we can get, the better!

What skillsets are needed for contributing?

The skillsets required for contributing will vary depending on the task or project in question, but it’s expected that someone with any skillset can find a way to creatively contribute. There are still hundreds of projects that need translating into major languages, and there are many projects that would benefit from additional documentation. By gathering ideas and feedback from people with different backgrounds, we can reach better solutions than we could have done alone.

Is signup mandatory?

Signup is optional. The benefits of signing up include the ability to send messages to projects, the ability to ask questions, and signing up also helps us to match projects to your skillset.

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Is it a free service?

Yes, the service is currently free but there may be charges in the future to cover expenses.

What are the limitations?

There is no hard limit on the number of posts or projects, but content may be moderated for duplicates or spam before being posted.

Can we manage our own content?

We have a pretty neat and simple dashboard to manage your contents. We will keep enhancing it in the future. 

If I want to claim a posted project, how do I proceed?

Click the "Support" button by the content you want to claim and fill out the details.

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