About Project

Etherum 2.0 Sharding Client developed by Chain Safe Systems in JavaScript (TypeScript).


Based in Toronto, ChainSafe Systems is a blockchain research and development firm offering consulting services to a number of different ethereum-based projects including Bunz, Shyft, Aion, and Polymath.

Implementation Details

The team is currently building an Ethereum 2.0 client written in JavasScript/TypeScript called Lodestar. In addition to the beacon chain client, the team is also working on Simple Serialize (SSZ) in JS, Fixed Sized BigNumbers in TS, and BLS Signatures and Signature Aggregation in JS.


Code Contribution for Lodestar ETH2.0 Projects

There is a lot of work being done that are core infrastructural pieces for Eth2.0. Contributions to any of the below repositories would be greatly appreciated. All the libraries are written in TypeScript (or in the process of being converted from pure JS to TypeScript) : 
  • Guide
  • Ethereum 2.0
  • Javascript
  • TypeScript
  • Code
  • Testing
  • Lodestar 

Donate for Lodestar

We are a local group of Toronto open source developers. As such, all of our open source work is funded by grants. We all take the time out of our hectic lives to contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem.