About Project

Non-custodial digital asset lending platform for secured loans originated, settled, serviced and managed on Ethereum

Borrow and lend digital assets

  • Lend: peer-to-peer and to liquidity pools
  • Borrow: peer-to-peer and from liquidity pools


  • Collateral transparently stored in smart contracts
  • Transactions settled on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Use MetaMask, Ledger or Trezor wallets

Loan Management Platform

  • Borrowers: make repayments and add collateral to Compound, Dharma and Maker loans from one location
  • Lenders: monitor loans on Compound and Dharma protocols from one convenient dashboard
  • Arbitrage interest rates across multiple lending protocols

Integrate with Bloqboard

  • Bloqboard Lending Wallet API for programmatic borrowing and lending
  • Borrowing and lending infrastructure for trading and asset management platforms, liquidity aggregators, financial applications developers