Ship code. Rest easy. Get recognition. Get Paid.

Settle is an operating system for apps and chat, incentivized with a 50% share of Settle subscription revenue. Users find apps in the app store and “install” them to their accounts. Settle has a full-featured development pipeline to make maintaining an app easy. We offer a free API and a javascript SDK. Start learning by creating your first app! 

Our Deployment Pipeline Offers:

  • Autoscaling
  • Load Balancing
  • DNS Route Setup
  • HTTPS certificates
  • Zero Downtime during application upgrades
  • Both Test and Production Environment
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Automated Integration Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Private Code Repository
  • Automated Code Approval Process

Supported Languages:

  • C#, .NET Core, Standard
  • JavaScript

Supported Application Types:

  • UI with Node.js, React and Redux


Frequently Asked Questions

What could you build on Settle?

Almost Anything.


  • Dutch Auction Exchange
  • Ethereum Gas Price Swaps
  • 0x DEX
  • Nifty Auctions
  • Dharma Relayer
  • Token Loan Autosniper
  • Exchange Aggregator
  • Trading Algo as a Service
  • Institutional Trading Platform
  • Token Lending Facility

Info Resources

  • Charting Interface
  • Fee Market Monitor
  • Whale Tx Watcher
  • Sentiment Tracker
  • Coin Analytics Visualizer
  • Project Comms Aggregator
  • Dead Coin Detector
  • Tether Issuance Alarm
  • Github Commit Snooper
  • Community Activity Ranker


  • Research Analyst Only Prediction Game
  • Risk Management Toolkit
  • Pan-TCR User Interface
  • Staking Pool
  • Paper Trading Competition
  • Crypto News Channel
  • Futarchy Portal
  • Trade Coaching as a Service
  • Income Tax Service
  • Trade History Expectancy Analyzer


What will be the cost?

It costs nothing to deploy an app on Settle. As we get more information on how many resources hosted apps are using, we will figure out a reasonable solution. Our mission is to facilitate a deep and diverse ecosystem of apps to utilize the dashboard we have built. Ideally most apps on Settle will be hosted for free forever, but we know that we do not know what amazing things will be built and can not yet make that promise.