About Project

ERC721-based Software Licensing Framework.

Dotlicense is a set of smart contracts and JavaScript tooling to sell and verify software licenses (e.g. in-app-purchasesor feature access tokens) using Ethereum. It supports both single purchase and (prepaid) subscriptions.


  • Multiple products - Each product has its own inventory levels and total supply, housed in one contract
  • Subscriptions - Products can (optionally) expire and be renewed by paying additional funds
  • Affiliate program - Affiliates can get a cut of sales they refer with individual, whitelisted rates (including recurring affiliate revenue with subscriptions)
  • Roles-based permissions - The store has three roles: CEO, CFO, and COO
  • Full ERC-721 Compatibility - Each license issued is also an ERC-721-compatible token
  • CLI Admin Tools - With Ledger hardware wallet support
  • Embeddable Web3 Checkout - UMD JavaScript checkout button with Metamask support