About Project

Drag and drop IDE to build Ethereum Dapps

The easiest way to build an Ethereum application.

Create a decentralized application in minutes. Start building today. No code required.


No Developer Required : Create an end-to-end application with our interface

No Cryptocurrency Required : We manage transactions for you

Rapidly Prototype Ideas : From idea to proof concept quickly

Affordable Development : The cost of web development with the power of blockchain

Familiar Development : Atra sports a User Interface, Rest API, and SDK


dTables : Store decentralized data, the foundation of any application

Triggers : Deploy decentralized business logic to control your application

LiteUI : Point and click to build a user interface for your application

File Storage : Coming Soon




Use Atra

Try create Dapp with Atra.
Use our services here. Try build Dapp with dTables, Triggers and LiteUI. Give us valuable feedback here. 

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Spread the word about Atra
  Help us to reach more audience. Example  Create youtube explainer / tutorial videos about the platform. Writing about us and our services. Spread the words with crypto friends to try Atra Dapps creating tool.  Writing tutorials.