Consider donating to EthHub

If you don't have the time, talent, or energy to contribute to EthHub directly, that doesn't mean you can't play a part. EthHub plans to continue to provide educational content to the Ethereum community.

Donations for Harmony

If you like the project, we could use your donations to fund the development: 0xF5eFA576ee17A381d798299d10eD397c4dce9BdD

Donate for Lodestar

We are a local group of Toronto open source developers. As such, all of our open source work is funded by grants. We all take the time out of our hectic lives to contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Donate for Lighthouse

If you support the cause, we could certainly use donations to help fund development: 0x25c4a76E7d118705e7Ea2e9b7d8C59930d8aCD3b

Donation Support for Prysm

Your support means a lot to us. With your help, we're able to accelerate our work on sharding, furthering our goal to scale the Ethereum blockchain for all. We have set up a multisig smart contract to accept donations.  Ether Address : 0x9B984D5a03980D8dc0a24506c968465424c81DbE