Example Use cases

Start build on top of Thetta.
Start-Up I’m a CEO of a start-up. I want to hire more people and give them equity (+vesting) and bonuses. I want to be able to raise funds.

Help buidl Mythx Tools

Build security tools using the MythX API
Using MythX API, you can build security tools that find bugs in smart contracts for Ethereum or compatible blockchains such as Tron and Quorum. Currently, we support Solidity code and EVM bytecode, but we are working on support for additional bytecode formats (e.g. eWASM) and languages.
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BUIDL Idea : Decentralised Stripe

Stripe Alternative on top of Ethereum.
Stripe is a technology company which helps entrepreneurs and business to register a company online, accept payments and subscriptions, Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online paymen
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