About Project

Civil is a community-owned platform for independent journalism.

Civil is owned and run by its community of journalists and their supporters.

Built for journalism

Anyone can start a newsroom or add their existing publication, provided they honor Civil's ethical journalism standards. There's no central authority or middleman present on Civil, it's 100% community-owned and community-governed.

Built for community

Newsrooms gain access to membership benefits from industry leaders. Civil's community-owned model encourages greater cross-newsroom collaboration in tackling the toughest sustainability challenges head on.

Built for transparency

Civil uses blockchain technology to ensure every newsroom and journalist has public, immutable and permanent proof to ensure total ownership and control of their data and content. Readers in turn can rest assured that a given story was published by its stated author. Peddlers of misinformation need not apply.

Built for trust

Unlike Facebook and Google, newsrooms can trust Civil. It's transparently owned and operated by an engaged community of people who care about journalism, not an all-powerful corporation with opaque motives. Newsrooms on Civil are committed and accountable to producing ethical journalism.