About Project

Free, open-source p2p micropayment infrastructure, built with payment channels on Ethereum

Payments Reinvented

Existing payment systems struggle with small, p2p transactions. We believe these transactions can be immensely valuable to creators, micromerchants, and machines.

Meet Connext

Ethereum already enables p2p, trust-minimized payments. Connext is the missing piece that cuts fees to nearly zero by securely moving transactions to a noncustodial offchain layer.

Developer Focused

We obsess about creating the optimal developer experience. Spin up your own hub in 5 lines of code and customize it easily to fit your needs.


We take security seriously. Leveraging the latest payment channel research, Connext removes the need to trust counterparties.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connext best for?

CONTENT PAYMENTS : By reducing transaction costs to almost zero, Connext empowers creators to monetize their content, no matter how low the price.

P2P MARKETPLACES : Controlling user funds and managing payouts is risky and takes work. Connext lets you make your marketplace truly peer-to-peer.

MACHINE INTERACTIONS : Flexible payment metadata and lightweight client code make Connext great for IoT devices. Kickstart your machine economy.

RECURRING PAYMENTS : Paying gas on every transaction is silly. With Connext, recurring payments are just signed commitments that can be redeemed later.