Polkadot C++ API

Polkadot Substrate C++ API

С++ API for Polkadot. Work in Progress. Web3 Foundation Grants — Wave Two Recipients.
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BUIDL Idea : Decentralised Stripe

Stripe Alternative on top of Ethereum.
Stripe is a technology company which helps entrepreneurs and business to register a company online, accept payments and subscriptions, Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online paymen
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Parity Shasper is Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain implementation using the Substrate framework by Parity

Background Parity Technologies is a blockchain infrastructure company responsible for maintaining the popular Ethereum client, Parity Ethereum. Implementation Details Parity is developing Parity Ethereum - a legacy Ethereum 1.0 client written in the Rust programming language and built for mission
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