About Project

Linkedin Alternative, Blockchain based Professional Social Network.

A Professional Profile That Showcases The Real You.

Verified Resume

Get your profile verified by both the company and your peers. All verifications are written to the blockchain and show up as verified on your profile.

Meaningful Skill Endorsements

Your endorsements are ranked by the reputation of people endorsing you. Say goodbye to endorsements that are meaningless and trustless.

Better Messaging

Get paid when someone wants reach out to you and sends you a message request. You get paid on accepting a message request.

Leave Notes and Reminders

Keep track of details about someone by adding notes and reminders to their profile. Only you get to see the notes you've written.

Showcase Freelance projects

Showcase your freelance projects in great detail and increase trust with potential clients by getting your projects verified.

Enhanced Profile

Customize your profile by adding sections from other platforms including Twitter, Quora, Medium and Github.